What is a virtual PA?

A virtual PA is someone who provides remote administrative support to clients. They have usually gained extensive experience as a PA which enables them to offer this support, together with some specialised services such as HR or Social Media Management. A virtual PA will take time to build a relationship with their clients in order to provide a first class support service in exactly the same way as an employee would. However, a virtual PA is self-employed and is there for you to use as and when you require, without the commitment of employing another member of staff. 

What are the benefits of using a virtual PA?

Cost-effectiveness is the primary benefit, as well as of course reducing the stress in your work or home life. The main financial benefits include only paying for the time it takes for your work to be completed - no more paying for downtime or employee related overheads such as tax, annual leave, pensions or sickness or even a desk and computer! In terms of skill sets, a virtual PA can offer such a wide range of services that it would be difficult to employ just one person to provide all those within your organisation. 

How much do I pay, how and when do I have to pay?

Our standard hourly rate is £27.50, however this may vary depending on the task, if ad hoc work or contracted hours.  Therefore we will always quote and agree before any work commences.   Payment is required by Bacs within 7 days of the invoice date. 

What do I have to pay for in addition to the hourly rate?

Additional costs incurred at your request eg, printing, postage, couriers, telephone calls, and non-standard materials. 

How do I get my work to and from you?

For speed, convenience, and efficiency we ask that where possible all work related documents and communication is sent electronically, usually by email. However, where necessary, it is of course possible to use post and courier.

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Is Virtual Support only available to businesses?

Not at all. Any individual with busy personal and/or working lives can always find use for an extra pair of hands to look after the routine jobs which take up so much of our time. We are always happy to hear how we can help. Even if you don’t know how we can help, but know you are struggling with staying on top of work or home administration, we can help to identify the solution.

Do I have to commit to regular work?

No, how you use the service is up to you. The service is designed to be used on an ‘as needed’ basis.  We have clients who use the service daily but equally have clients who only call when they need us.

Why would I use a virtual PA rather than a temporary worker?

Virtual PA's are specialists who seek to form long lasting relationships with their clients and develop a clear understand of their needs, aims, and objectives. They are available to be called on as and when required on an ongoing basis. We take the time to learn about your business and, just as importantly, your own preferred method of working. A temporary worker is often provided by an agency who will not understand your business to this degree, and if you require temporary assistance again in the future it is often a different person who will be placed with you. 

Can you help when I need something urgently?

Where we can help we will. In an ideal world we would always be available as and when required by our clients, but this is not always possible. However, working to tight deadlines is not a problem, and we have no objection to reacting to a client’s urgent requirements where we are able to do so. We will never accept a project if the clients time frame cannot be met. If works are required on a Sunday or bank holiday, or less than 36hrs notice provided, please note there will be an additional charge of £5 p/h (with a minimum charge of £20).

Is Virtual Support insured?

We are fully covered with professional indemnity insurance, our certificate is available upon request. Registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) under the Data Protection Act.

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