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About Us

Let us help you work smarter by spending less time dealing with the relentless demands of admin and more time focusing on things that matter most to your business, your career or your personal life.

We bring a wealth of skills and experience to our work which includes many years PA, administration, graphic design, accounts/bookkeeping, sales, customer service and Human Resources experience. We are skilled and adapt at turning our hand to every element of business organisation, administration, and home-based logistics. We now offer all the skills and expertise we have gained during our professional careers to our clients. Our services will enable you to use your time in the most productive and cost-effective way.


Our services are varied and client-led. Most people don’t realise exactly how a PA can help. By bringing us your administrative and organisational problems, whether work or home related, we can provide the solution. Whether you require straight-forward administrative delegation, or someone to help identify how best to utilise your time, we're here to help.  


We take immense pride in the service we offer, and consistently bring exceptional organisational skills, efficiency and professionalism to every aspect of a task. We operate within given deadlines reliably, and maintain confidentiality at all times. We are calm, conscientious, and organised workers, with excellent communication skills and have a wide breadth of experience in all areas of business administration.


We are committed to ensuring that Virtual Support provides first class support to every client, whatever, and whenever, their need. See how we can help you today.

Get to Know Us

Let’s have a free one-hour consultation to have a chat about your needs and to see how I can make your life easier

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